Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2022: Application Form & Benefits

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Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme-skredl.karnataka.gov.in

The government of Karnataka has launched the Karnataka Surya raitha yojana to provide solar water pump sets for farmers. The state government is stressing the use of these solar pumps in place of existing irrigation pumps as additional capacity for irrigation. Thereafter, the government will launch the scheme in Kanakapura on January 19, 2019.

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme

Solar pump set subsidy from Karnataka Surya Raita scheme, Solar pump set subsidy in Karnakatak, Solar pump price in 2019, a government scheme in Karnataka, In the initial phase in Karnataka, the Karnataka government will use these solar pumps to run sets of solar pumps instead of 310 IP sets. These solar pumps have the ability to pump more water than current IP pump sets, which is about 1.5 times more than standard pumps. In addition, these pumps will reduce the supply by about 1/3 of the total energy generated in the electrical network (assembly).

Surya Raitha Scheme Objective

Karnataka Suryan Rath Yojana was launched to help farmers for irrigation purposes, as the use of these solar pumps should not be dependent on their IP kits at night. The use of these solar pumps makes it possible to largely avoid the loss of electricity and water. The Karnataka government will begin by pooling funds, investments, and central and state government funds raised by farmers for the system. The grant and concessional loan will be obtained from Bangalore Electric Supply Company (BESCOM).

Karnataka Surya-Raitha BESCOM initiatives

The loan amount will be adjusted for the cost of additional energy exported to the BESCOM network. After repayment of the loan amount, BESCOM will deposit the additional amount into the farmers’ bank account. The maturity of the loan amount should be between 12 and 14 years, as the cost of electricity and utilities will be charged based on income.

The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) will set tariff schemes and thus deposit the meter’s net profit in the guarantee account. The government will use this tariff to provide the company with some value to repay loans, production, and service-based incentives.

Karnataka Surya Raitha scheme BESCOM

Under this scheme, BESCOM will do the following:

Building cooperatives for farmers.

After that, the BESCOM channel will also provide grants.

Providing easy loans to farmers.

The signing of a contract for the sale and purchase of energy for a period of 25 years.

Providing a suitable power source for the pump set.

Farmers have to provide shade-free fields to successfully establish such a system. Apart from this, farmers have to protect their installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Karnataka Surya Raitha Yojana – The Karnataka State Government will build “Harobelay Surya Raitha Vidyutchuki Balkeedara Regular society” to successfully implement this mega-project. The main function of this company is to distribute this value among farmers by raising funds from BESCOM.

Benefits of Karnataka Surya Raitha scheme

Farmers can benefit from the following:

Increase in agricultural production

Steady and nutritious food throughout the day

A permanent source of income for farmers even in adverse weather conditions.

This system will eliminate the need for energy subsidies for farmers. In addition, the solar water pumping system will also reduce the cost of BESCOM infrastructure and reduce BESCOM’s demand and technical losses.

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