PMAY Affordable Rental Housing Scheme (ARCH): Application Form, Eligibility & Benefits

PMAY Affordable Rental Housing Scheme (ARCH)

At this time of COVID pandemic everyone one facing a huge problem, mostly the migrant workers because of lockdown. They do not move to their hometown. After the unlock they will return to their working place. The Government of India launched PMAY Affordable Rental Housing Scheme (ARCH) to help these people. This scheme is also called PM Modi rental house scheme. The main aim of this scheme is to help the workers afford houses for rents.

If the applicant wants to get benefit from this PMAY Affordable Rental Housing Scheme (ARCH) scheme firstly he can apply online and fill the registration form on the website. You can also see a list of vacant houses available on the low cost (affordable) ARHC rental system.

PM Affordable Housing Complex on rent (PMAY ARHC scheme)

This article talks about the PMAY Affordable Housing Complex (ARHC scheme), the benefits of the scheme, the online application procedure / registration form 2020.

Advantages of the PM Modi Rental house (ARHC) scheme

Let’s see what benefits citizens expect from the PMAY ARHC scheme.

  • Decent environment
  • Efficient use of vacant lands
  • Promote investment and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Sustainable workforce and increased productivity
  • Economically productive use of government funded residential buildings

PMAY Affordable Rental House Scheme Apply Online, ARHC Application/Registration Form 2020@

Let’s see how the application / online registration form for the PMAY Complex implementation is filled out.

  • Access to the official portal of the PMAY ARHC scheme.
  • This will bring the candidate to the home page.
  • PMAY Affordable Residential Complex
  • On the home page, on the menu bar, click the Connect tab.
  • It redirects the user to the registration page.

PMAY Sasta Rental House scheme @ online registration form

  • Enter the name of the company / company, the type of organization, enter the legal address, state, city / district / municipality, postal code, GST number.
  • An Enter the first and last name of the owner information as printed on the Aadhar card.
  • Enter your cell phone number, email address and check the Captcha code.
  • Check all the details and click on the “Submit” button.

How to Check List of Vacant House available under PM Cheap Rental House Scheme

If you want to check the list of vacancies of house in this system, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official ARHC website
  • Go to the “Personal Account” section and click  “Listing Status of Vacant House”

Quick Links 

PMAY ARC Official Website

Download PMAY ARHC Scheme Guidelines

Frequently asked questions about housing complex (ARHC scheme)

Who Benefits from the PMAY Affordable Housing Scheme?

Poor workers and migrants who cannot afford high-rent homes will benefit from the PMAY ARHC scheme.

Are applicants required to pay a registration fee to register with the PMAY Affordable Rental Housing Scheme?

No, jobseekers do not need to pay any registration fee to register with the PMAY Affordable Housing scheme.

Can I apply to participate in the PMAY Offline Affordable Housing Program?

According to information sources, applicants can register for the PMAY ARHC scheme only online.

Do candidates require to upload a document to the PMAY ARHC portal?

Applicants are required to fill in the required details and there is no need to upload documents during the registration process.

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